Sunday, April 29, 2007

UPDATE: April 29, 2007

Before I pull the gas motor, I want to make sure it runs OK, as I plan on selling it. We took it for a short spin ... runs strong!

Because the car has been previously lowered - and I want to keep it that way - it will be necessary to have new springs wound to compensate the added weight of the batteries. One of the parameters the spring winding company will need is the current individual wheel weights. I bought a rather expensive piece of equipment that the race car folks use to "tune" their cars. It weighs each wheel individually. I'll keep the weighing equipment until I finish the car and then sell it on eBay. (I'll need to re-weight the car after all the electrical equipment and batteries are installed, so as to determine how the new springs will be wound.)

This is what the weights are as the car now sits.

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