Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Ho-Ho-Ho... not so much!


Snowing today.

VW is sitting exactly as it was in the last post. I hope to get back to the lithium installation in January.

Golf cart fixed:

> Bad controller - installed new Alltrax 400 amp controller.

> Left axle broke and the wheel fell off! Replaced the axle. (Bought from Buggies Unlimited - a highly recommended company.)

> Installed two solar panels on the top of the cart, replacing the plastic top. I used a "boost type" charge controller to charge the 48vdc battery pack. I have been using the cart for running around the ranch for several months and have not had to use any aux. charging.

> Added two LED driving lights. Mounted one on the left front edge of the solar module and one on the right front edge. Works GREAT!