Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cleaning Up The Act

Here's the gaping hole where the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) had been residing for the past 21 years. Note that I didn't just cut off all the wiring, but instead disconnected everything and moved it out of the way. Many of these circuits will be used again in the EV.

Today, I rented a power steam cleaner and thoroughly cleaned up the engine compartment. Tomorrow, I'll spray everything with a rust inhibitor, then spray on a liberal coating of pickup truck bed liner. The bed liner is hard tough coating that will not only look pretty good, but resist the acid fumes that the battery's vent while recharging. The underside of the engine hood will also be coated with bed liner.

Next, will be the separation of the transmission from the ICE and replacement of all the seals. The last thing I need is to get it all together and have oil dripping from the transmission. I look at it as cheap insurance.

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