Wednesday, June 27, 2007

UPDATE: June 27, 2007

General maintenance day ... no pix ... maybe tomorrow.
1) Replaced both rear flexible brake lines. (Old one's were badly deteriorated.)
2) Replaced the left protective boot on the steering rack.
3) Replaced the lower bearing on the steering column. (Had to remove and disassemble the entire steering column.
4) Replaced the hood release cable. (The old one was sticking.)
5) Riveted brackets under the car, along the path the exhaust pipe had taken, for placement of the 3" tubing that will carry the high current power cables from the back battery rack to the front rack.
6) Cleaned and coated the engine compartment with a coat of truck bed-liner. (Same coating as on the underside of the hood. It's very protective.)
That about does it for critical maintenance items. There are still some door handles that need work and a wing window that needs replacing. I also have to replace the passenger side window regulator (the mechanism that raises and lowers the window.) All parts are on hand, but I'll wait on those projects until after the car is up and running properly.
Fun day ... really.
Ps: While I was working, today, I was thinking about what I want for a radio/stereo. I decided that I'll just have a CD player and XM Satellite Radio ... no AM or FM. I was also wondering about a heater. I think I'll do as a couple of others have done: Use a couple of 110V hair dryers, mounted under the dash! I understand they work quite well.

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