Thursday, June 28, 2007

UPDATE: June 28, 2007

Today, I completed the installation of the rear battery rack. Whew ... glad that job is done! New speedometer and accelerator cables were also installed, along with a new fuse holder and electrical relay. Both electrical items are uniquely for the electrical car.

I probably could have the car actually running under electrical power by the end of next week, if it weren't for waiting for a new set of clutch bolts. Upon removal of the clutch and flywheel, today, I discovered that the nine special 12-point bolts were badly worn. I figured I better order a new set, which I did today.

Note: I discovered on the Internet a really great place for VW parts: Good prices and great service. They seem to have everything, even for a twenty-one year old car. The company is Autohaus Arizona. Highly recommended!

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angelhound02 said...

Good luck for the repair buddy,anyway, good discovery! I was about to browse on the net about my Volkswagen golf parts,got to update them already...Anyway,I'll visit the site you got there..Thnx!All the best!