Wednesday, August 01, 2007

UPDATE: August 1, 2007

One For The Money, Two For The Show, Three To Get Ready ... Go - Go -Go - Tomorrow!

Well, "No Cigar" today. There was more finishing wiring to do than I had expected. That being said, I do expect to have the car powered up tomorrow - Thursday.
After power-Up, there will be a series of short runs to get the battery pack broken in. Technical data indicates that the battery pack won't reach full capacity until it has undergone 10 - 25 charge/discharge cycles.
I expect the "Grand Opening," i.e., Ice Cream Run to take place on Saturday, August 11th. Prior to that, the vehicle will undergo upgrading and testing.


Amberlyn said...

So are you going to give Drew a driving lesson while he's there??? :-))

P Daisley said...

I'm there!

Jacqueline said...

Me first... (or second). I think Roger will be the first. Ferdinand's here we come.