Friday, August 03, 2007

UPDATE: August 3, 2007

Ma and Pa Kettle Have An Electrifying Experience.
(It ain't so pretty right now, but just wait!)
We took a short run - just had to try it out - after we powered it up. As you may recall, I took all the seats out to have them reupholstered and ... they were still out when this picture was taken. If you look closely, I'm sitting on a fold-up chair and Jacquie grabbed the first thing handy ... a kitchen stool!
That was yesterday.
Today, I put all the seats back in and cleaned up much of the old unused wiring. (There are still a few wires hanging out, in the picture. Also note the lower trim piece that is more than slightly askew. I need to take a trip on Monday to the local body shop to pick up a couple of trim fasteners that somehow got lost.)

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Jacqueline said...

The wind in my face, the sun in my hair... I don't think the 'roll bar' would do either of us any good.